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I want to be in a band like chvrches

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I don’t get what’s wrong with using good samples, making tracks average length, adding drops - these are all good things, and all exist for a reason

You’d call a collage art, right? That’s the same as using existing material to create something new. I don’t get it either, the anon said "You know edm is the most non talented, shittiest music of our time?" to someone else, so naturally I protested, and then they sent me this. It’s the fact that they said it’s all talentless that makes me sad

Graciela Sacco - Untitled (1996)


we all know that one person you get sexually frustrated just looking at


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Anonymous asked: Yeah, take other sounds and samples, none of which are your own. Add minimum of 4 bass drops per song. Learn some phasing techniques a couple equalizer tricks. Make it super long and pretend to do shit on your pros. Music. Brain dead, sheep herding music. This is focused on edm not you so let's keep it in the same ball park.

I make my own samples sometimes (either by synthesising them, or recording things around the place). And if I don’t, I use samples from sample packs which I have bought  - which does make them my own. Even then, I’ll always layer them for a more unique sound. Also, when a drummer hits a kick drum with their pedal, is that sound “their own” or is it just a kick drum made by a certain manufacturer? You’re full of shit lmao

lol “add four bass drops” it’s not always about the drop you know.
I design and layer all my synth patches, basses, pads, arps, leads etc. Then of course there’s the musical aspect where you’ve got to compose melodies and arrange it all to form a song. The talent behind this is *gasp of horror* exactly the same as when composing a “non-EDM” track.

Then there’s the mixing/producing aspect which is completely separate (because that applies to any genre of music regardless of whether it’s electronic or not) but it still requires talent. (And EDM artists produce their own stuff as opposed to bands who quite often pay other people to do it for them. So we’re doing two jobs there.)
EDM is incredibly diverse so we are definitely in the same ball park, because I make EDM this applies to me…
Seriously I don’t know how you can be pretentious/naïve enough to say it doesn’t take talent. I mean there are people like Martin Garrix doing big room house which is reeeaaallly basic (and from a producer’s point of view, not very good/imaginative) but to someone who doesn’t know how to do it, it’s probably great. Likewise with any other music - to someone who doesn’t play a guitar, a little acoustic track would be great, even if some really talented players are saying “oh well it’s not played that well because this this and this”.

And my final point is, some people just play the synths on a keyboard and record it live anyway, and there are electronic drum kits and midi guitars as well. I don’t need to state that this is identical to playing something with normal guitars/piano/drums, but I will anyway.

On a more polite note, I hope this has enlightened you a bit, and I hope you’ll now at least appreciate EDM and other forms of electronic music a bit more, even if you personally don’t like it.